Why Clarity Is Essential To Forward Progress

Getting clarity is the best way to reinvigorate your work. Whether it be reaffirming what you already know or redefining what you want to be doing with your time, operating our businesses on the Internet require a lot of focus.

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When we have clear cut goals to work towards, we know which activities are either adding to this effort or taking away from it. The key is to know which activities are robbing you of time your most valuable asset.

As a social media professional, your daily work activities oftentimes mix with personal interests. This can be a problem if you're not careful. Distractions from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, email, instant messages, etc. can really cut down on the amount we accomplish in any given day.

Your ability to get honest with yourself is the most powerful thing you can do in fixing this issue. For me, the distinct pit feeling I get in my stomach means I'm not focused. Productivity is a byproduct of focus, and focus is a byproduct of clarity.

So how can we start to be more productive in our work?

1. Clarify your purpose. Get honest with yourself and what you're trying to accomplish. Who are you really trying to serve? How do you want to serve them? Is what you're doing right now serving them? What can you change to make yourself more invaluable to your clients, customers, or employer? Do you know why you've chosen to work at your current job? Is this job bringing you closer to your end goals? What are those end goals? How much will it cost for you to achieve those end goals?

2. Restructure your time. Determine how much time you should be allocating towards your goals. Ideally, these activities not only serve you, but they also add value to your clients, customers, employer and family.

3. Take the right actions in the right order. Its one thing to know what needs to get done. Its another to do it. And even more importantly, you should understand the right order of actions that need to be taken. Make sure you're mapping out your strategy and the steps involved in order to reach your next milestone.

4. Revisit and revise. Your map will always be changing. Nothing but change is constant. With the Internet moving at such a rapid pace, the things you did even three months ago may now be obsolete. Determine what activities you can continue doing and what activities can be dropped. Then drop them and retool your strategy for the next milestone.

Your business is operating at it's fullest potential when you have clarity, vision and focus. You're generally most productive (and happy) when you have alignment in who you serve and how you serve them.

So what have been your primary obstacles in operating an online business and how have you overcome them? Wed love to hear your thoughts.

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