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I sat in a lawn chair. In a dirt field. And directed traffic. I was the "Brush Czar." And I hated it.

I didn't understand the purpose of the job. In fact, I noticed about 200 yards away, there was another Czar directing traffic for trash, recyclables, and other rubbish. I thought to myself, why do they need two Czars?

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I suggested a redirection of traffic, that would require one Czar for all types of trash. And with that, I process improved myself right out of a job. Thankfully.

Process improvement is essential in building an efficiently-run business. As an employee, if you can successfully improve the processes you are in charge of, you become very valuable to your employer.

Most employees just follow the processes that we're laid out for them. They just do what they're told. Some employees don't even do that. They cut corners (in the spirit of streamlining? I think not. More in the spirit of laziness) or don't listen to instructions on the processes developed, and really mess things up.

Then there are the select few that can take a thirty-thousand-view look at something, and see a better way to do it. They suggest improvements, and moreover are able to assist in implementing those improvements. This is like finding free money to an employer.

It starts with just looking at what you do every day. Are there ways you can improve what you do on a day-to-day basis? Are there things you can streamline (don't confuse this with cutting corners)? Write down step-by-step instructions for the processes you control, so that if you're hit by a truck, someone can pick up where you left off.

In taking time to write down the steps you take for specific processes, you will begin to notice where you can streamline. Once a process is on paper, this is the first step in automating the process. This is more free money for the employer.

I guarantee you will not automate yourself out of a job. You will show your employer the value you bring, and will rise through the ranks. And those processes you wrote down? Now they're ready to be performed by someone else (and you didn't have to get hit by a truck to pass these tasks on). Only those that insist on doing the same thing day in and day out will be left in the dust.

I'm happy I'm not still a "Brush Czar." I realized while sitting in that dirt field that I have a gift. The gift of process improvement. But I don't think it's that unique of a gift-I think everyone can develop this skill, and should in order to demonstrate their value.

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