How to Refresh Your Multicultural Marketing Campaign for 2014

As any marketer will tell you no audience is the same, and as a result your campaign must be personalised to reflect the wants and needs of your core demographic.

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In this day and age, a business doesn't just target one demographic, instead campaigns are built using multicultural marketing strategies to connect with a range of audiences across multiple cultures.

Embracing multicultural marketing tactics is more important than ever and is the key to unlocking your companys potential and a wider national or even global audience. Cambridgeshire-based PR firm and ethnic marketing specialist Think Big Comms shares their top tips on refreshing your culturally driven campaign.

Embrace your audience and your brand identity

Remember adopting a multicultural stance when it comes to your new and improved marketing campaign, doesn't mean changing your entire brand identity.

Stay true to what your company is all about, whilst making tweaks to promote your brand sensitively to your target multicultural audience. By fine tuning your core message you can win over customers that were, until now, out of reach.

Put multicultural marketing high on your list of priorities

Whether you are looking to connect with audiences a little further afield or multicultural crowds on your doorstep, prioritising the customisation of your campaign should be your main focus.

Take time to understand your target multicultural audience, defining the dos and donts of each culture, then use this information to shape your strategy and turn your company into a marketing machine.

Researching cultural differences is the key to success and ensures your company does not commit fatal errors when reaching out to multiple cultures, whilst embracing popular language can help to bridge the cultural divide more efficiently.

Add a multicultural twist to your multimedia strategy

2014 is all about exploiting multimedia channels to promote your brand message to a wider audience as well as different types of audiences. Explore new media platforms, as well as mobile and social platforms, to propel your strategy further and connect with audience members on a deeper level. Crowdsourcing, social influencers and other below the line promotional strategies are a great way to get the ball rolling.

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