Lacking Ideology and Competency

Election day is now less than 3 weeks out, two of the three debates have passed, and early voting has been underway in some places for weeks. This is the home stretch. The already tiny "undecided voter" numbers are dwindling day by day as the candidates do an all out bombing of airwaves and rallies in the vital must win states. Traditionally this late in the game the campaigns move into management mode. The voters, should by now, know what you stand for, what your record is, what your vision is. This is not the time to be presenting new major ideological principals or moral views.

Which is perhaps why I am so confused now. In the past two debates, Romney has presented his ideologies, which to anyone who has been listening seemed to show a rather sharp shift towards the middle. Granted the rule of thumb is always run to your base in the primary, then run to the middle in the general. I don't know which view Romney actually holds, I don't think anyone does. I do think Romney is a smart guy and an obviously accomplished business man, but he has run an awful campaign. Though it hasn't been entirely his fault. The GOP base this year, and in reality since the 2010 elections, has become so far right that running to the middle of the spectrum is a complete 180 in views. So Romney has been caught red handed as a "moderate"? Who knew that would ever be a bad word in American politics?

He ran as a harsh conservative in the primary, which was at odds with his moderate record as Governor and as a Senate candidate. Then he picked Paul Ryan, another strict conservative as his running mate, and it appeared he would run his general election campaign as the far right candidate. Then that changed. Slowly at first he started having Ryan say they weren't running on his philosophy but Romney's. Only problem was at that point in time, Ryan and Romney's philosophies we're the same. Now after two debates moderate Mitt is back. As Bill Clinton noted after the first debate when Romney shocked everyone by claiming to favor the moderate views he railed against in the primaries.The third debate is three days away, I haven't the foggiest as to what Romney will say his foreign policy views are. Thus far most of what he has said is actually in line with Obama's record, so it may be somewhere of a calmer debate than the Hofstra Hootenanny. Or he could come out and say he wants to bomb everyone from Iran to Canada, there's no telling at this point.

Regardless of what he says, these are all symptoms of a terribly ran campaign. Romney is already in the running for being the most gaffe-tastic candidate in presidential history, and that's just on his own inability to speak off the cuff. Add in the trapeze act that his political views have done, and it starts to show a lack of competency on the campaign management side. After election day we'll see if he was able to overcome the set backs and obstacles to win the final thing. The most interesting fact in all of this is even with a terrible campaign Romney hasn't been hurting in the polls. Granted polls will always change, and the only one that matters is the actual vote. If nothing else Romney has provided an excellent case study for political scientists of the future. That and a good contortionist routine.

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