A Possible Monkeywrench In the Health Care Bill Cogs?

Everything seemed to be going the Tyranny of the Majority's way with the Health Care Bill this week. Obama and Rahm Emmanuel got Congress to take up the bill and try to get it passed before the August recess. Reid and Pelosi both have bills both in and out of committee. Financing the health care monstrosity is in place. They strong armed, in my opinion, the AMA into supporting the bill. But then "it" hit the fan.

Douglas Elmendorf, the head of the Congressional Budget Office, said two things. One pertains to health care, and the other pertains to the economy.

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First, health care. The Tyranny of the Majority have touted how their plan will lower health care costs and save Americans money. Well hold the phone because Elmendorf begs to differ. According to Elmendorf, the Health Care Bill will actually INCREASE the costs of health care. Uh-oh. Not exactly what Congress wanted to hear. In fact, it almost gave Harry Reid a stroke when asked about Elmendorf what he should do is run for Congress.

Second, the economy. Elmendorf has said that our current spending is unsustainable and risks collapsing the economy. The CBO is an independent agency despite it's name. Congress loves the CBO when it agrees with them, and hates it when it chastises them. The amount of debt and spending that our government is doing is placing our country on the fast track to disaster. Isn't this what our Tea Parties have been talking about since back in April? And still Congress doesn't listen.

We'll make them listen in 2010...

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