Its rare for me to deal with a client who won't benefit from having a...

Its rare for me to deal with a client who won't benefit from having a good website. They are fantastic tools when used appropriately and a real opportunity to add value to a business. Its far less rare to deal with a client who has a website, but doesn't know why. These clients are often the ones who delayed getting a website for a long time having not really known where to start and thinking it would be expensive. Finally relenting and buying a 3-5 page website at a low cost, they are not really sure how to use it or what to do with it. Its a pretty common story for Australian SMEs. Its not always a disaster, but it is a lost opportunity.

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Know what your website is for

When I say a website should add value, I am not always referring to direct sales. Often the greatest value is the extension of your customer service and pride in your business. For many small businesses it provides a chance to show themselves as credible, professional and easy to contact. In these cases cheap or even free websites can be a great option.

Take charge of your website

You are better to have three well-presented and helpful pages than nine hard to read and outdated ones. If it is not easy for you to update the look of your website, you are probably with the wrong supplier. Dont leave this up to the people you bought the website from. While there are plenty of reputable cheap website suppliers, there is just no chance they will spend enough time on the content to get it right. Also, they tend not to make any changes unless you go through a process, which discourages anyone to do it, and leads to websites which don't change look or content in years.

Where to start

Its fair to say that many find the idea on working on their website intimidating. It really doesn't need to be. You know your business and your clients better than anyone so stick to information that is helpful and informative and plays to your strengths. And proof read, twice, before getting someone else to help proof read it again. Take some time to look at other websites. Rather than searching with Google, look through a directory like Yellow Pages, there are lots of links, and businesses at a variety of levels.

Dont stop

Getting the content right now doesn't mean leaving it until it needs an overhaul again. Make sure you allocate some time, even if it's just once a month, to sit down and read it through. This will ensure the information is accurate and gives you the opportunity to add and remove information without feeling intimidated.

Obviously having a generous marketing budget with money for website designers is not a reality for most SMEs but that shouldn't stop you from getting the most out of your website.

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