Why You Need Social Media

We're fresh into 2016 and we've already had many conversations with brands. This is definitely worth sharing that there are still many companies and brands who sell a product or products that feel, there's no need for social media in their environment.

We're living in a time where everyone is on a smart device of some kind: phone, workstation, tablet, glass, motor vehicle and yes even a refrigerator. Look around, there's no avoiding it. That's where the attention is and regardless of platform or app, those people are communicating.

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Yes, being a brand or company and being on social media is going to utilize resources and more specifically time, but in our opinion, it's time well spent. If you have a great product or product offering, you're probably doing well and that's amazing but social media can skyrocket that.

One important point we always stress is that you need to give. Yes, as a business you're utilizing resources of some kind to make social work and yes you want to sell your product and get it out there but remember that social media is not a quick fix or an overnight solution, it's something you need to work on and work at daily. It's long term and has to be part of an evolving strategy in line with your business and the message you have.

You need to establish what your business is, what you're offering and what you'd like, based on that see which social networks are best suited to you but simultaneously, keep an open mind as social is constantly evolving and don't be locked down to one platform. Keep in mind that your followers and fans are not numbers, they're people so listen to them and treat them with respect.

So now you're asking, where's my return. If you're offering a great product, have a clear message, giving and creating, you've built fans and volunteer marketers. We're people and we communicate constantly and if something is amazing, we will share it.

Social media needs to be done daily and not just in a spare moment in order to work. Get onto social media as it's not going away, build relationships with the awesome people on the other side of your screen, who knows they could have something to offer you in return for all your giving. Understand it, try it and then if it really does not work, then you've made a calculated decision but do not simply dismiss it.


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