Nothing is more devastating than a serious injury due to gross negligence, extreme carelessness or an overall disregard for the safety of another person or corporation. Personal injuries can result in physical and financial damages and can lead to a lifetime of hardships.

Our Firm specializes in making certain that those who’ve suffered an injury receive the maximum compensation they’re entitled to under law. Personal injury victims often suffer emotional distress and live with damage that inhibits their ability to live a normal life. The compensation they receive should be just.

Years of successfully holding insurance companies, careless employers, and unsafe property owners accountable for their actions has given us a stellar track record and forged our reputation as a top St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer. We consider each of our clients to be more than a “job”. Your success is our personal obligation.

Our unwavering principals and tireless dedication to excellence are the reason we are the highest standard in Personal Injury, Workers Compensation and Premise Liability Law.


Personal Injury

We have an expert understanding of the rules and regulations associated with personal injury litigation and settlement.

Our working relationships with top physicians and specialists go hand in hand with our years of experience to ensure the highest payouts possible for your personal situation.

We know how to get you the largest settlement based on your injury and the possible loss of quality of life and potential income.

Workers Compensation

It takes years of experience to understand the intricate details of dealing with Workers Compensation Law and we have been practicing at the top level long enough to deliver you the best possible decision in your workers compensation case.

When it comes to compensation law, the competence of our firm is second to none. We’ll fight every step of the way and advocate on your behalf. Let us work to get you the settlement you deserve.

Premises Liability

The firm has the experience and expertise necessary to hold irresponsible property owners liable for their actions. We’ve been dealing with large corporations and national chains for years in unsafe premises and personal injury cases. We’ve won large settlements for clients injured due to negligent property owners. We will work to obtain the maximum settlement possible on your behalf if you’ve been injured due to a negligent or irresponsible property owner. We work harder for our clients because we care.  If you find yourself in need of a top St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyer contact us. Let us get you the compensation you deserve.

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